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Comfort and confidence.

Renting a car with a driver in Minsk is an opportunity to always be ahead! Mobility, style and freedom of choice are important not only for business.

Why is it easier to rent a car with a crew than a taxi?

  •  Luxury cars without ads, logos and special signs.
  •   Polite and tidy professional drivers who will not bother you with idle conversations and will build a route in such a way as to minimize travel time.
  •  Accurate and calm driving, ensuring your safety while traveling.
  • Impeccable appearance and technical condition of the rented car.

The cost of renting a car with a driver.

The rental amount consists of a combination of the following components:

1. Make and status of the vehicle. The company "Uletnoe Taxi" can rent a car with a driver economy and middle class, as well as rental executive cars.
2. The number of hours of car rental. The minimum time is 2 hours, taking into account one hour allotted for the vehicle. In case of rent within the framework of the “Wedding Tariff” - 4 hours, taking into account the hour of filing.
3. The number of one-time rented cars. For corporate clients, a fixed discount of 10% is provided at Uletnoy Taxi!
4. Additional options - such as decoration for a wedding procession, a container for transporting animals and more.

You can calculate the price of car rental on your own, using the information on the website of the company Uletnoe Taxi, consulting with the operator by phone. Our experts will help you choose the car that best meets your requirements for appearance and rental cost.